The avenue, sorrounded by the hills of the Valtenesi area, will lead you to Borgo di Drugolo.

Welcome to BORGO DI DRUGOLO, a fairy tale location which is designed to charm the guests and make them enter a world of serenity and leisure, sorrounded by the beauty of an unspoiled nature. 

The ancient burg, which is situated right next to the X century medieval castle, has been restructured and turned into holiday apartments of unique beauty, taste and relax.

Here at BORGO DI DRUGOLO you can enjoy your holidays in complete relaxation, in armony with nature without giving up all the comforts of a modern residential complex. Allow yourself a holiday in an unique environment, the apartment of your dreams is waiting for you. 


Drugolo Castle

House to ancient noble families, the Drugolo Castle tells 600 years of history of Brescia and the Riviera.

The Drugolo Castle is located inside the burg of Drugolo, which is a private property inhabited since the Celtic era and located on the hills of Lake Garda, near Lonato, Bedizzole and Padenghe. The name "Drugolo"  derives from the Celtic language, from the Indo-European term used to indicate the oak woods sacred to Jupiter. 

Probably built by the noble family Griffi inside a farm owned by an ancient Roman family, the castle was initially subjected to the dominion of the monastery of S. Pietro in Monte Ursino.

The History

During the clashes between Guelphs and Ghibellines, which also inflamed the province of Brescia, it was the home of the Ghibelline family Federici di Valcamonica. In 1399 the assets of the Federici family passed to Valarino Advocati and were later sold to Giovanni Advocati.

From 1400 up to 1436 the history of the Drugolo Castle is intertwined with that of the noble families Visconti and Vimercati and with the figure of Pandolfo Malatesta.

Until 1436 the castle of Drugolo remained a property of the Ghibelline family Vimercati, and was later ceded to the Averoldi family, which had supported, together with the Gonzagas and the Brescian Guelfs, Venice and its ambitions of conquest of the Lombard hinterland against the dominion of the Visconti in Milan.

The Castle of Drugolo was sold in 1935 by the Averoldi to the family Lanni della Quara, who owns it and still lives there. The Castle is therefore today the frame of the burg of Drugolo but, as a private residence, is not open to visitors.

The Castle and the Burg met the near Arzaga in 1963 under a single property, by initiative and vision of the Baron Armando Lanni della Quara, who bought the Arzaga estate with its palace.

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