The history of the Vittoriale degli Italiani dates back to the 1920s, when Gabriele D'Annunzio, an influential poet and writer of the time, decided to build a place where Italian culture and history could be celebrated.

The poet moved to Gardone Riviera in 1921 and, shortly afterwards, purchased the Villa Cargnacco, where he began to devote himself to the creation of the Vittoriale.


The Vittoriale degli Italiani complex encompasses a vast area of 9 hectares, where numerous architectural buildings, museums and gardens are located.


The most important buildings include the Villa Cargnacco, the Vittoriale tower, the library, the mausoleum, the Puglia ship, the open-air theatre and the Fata Morgana. The Vittoriale museum houses a large collection of artwork, weapons, personal items and photographs of Gabriele D'Annunzio.


Highlights include the statue of St. Michael Archangel, sculpted by Francesco Messina, the SVA 10 aeroplane, in which D'Annunzio made his famous flight over Vienna, and a large collection of paintings, including Francesco Paolo Michetti's large canvas 'Venis'.

The Vittoriale degli Italiani is also known for the famous festival that enlivens it during the summer. The Tener-a-mente Festival is one of the most anticipated summer events with a long tradition of theatre, music and concerts.

The evenings of the Festival are tailored to enhance the beauty of the Vittoriale and its architecture: the evocative atmosphere of the open-air theatre, the thrill of the sunset in front of Lake Garda, and the magic of the shows ignite the imagination of every spectator.

On the Vittoriale website you can find all the information about the Tener-a-mente 2023 festival.

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